Test SocialEngine CMS Page Plugin

This is a test page. This plugin allows site admin or members (configurable) to build additional content pages for your social network. Using WYSIWYG editor, you have freedom to design pages any way you like. Additional social and media tools such as photos uploading, sharing, and comments can be optionally attached to pages. With many settings and permission controls, this plugin is extremly flexible in term of customization, you can virtual turn this plugin from simply admin content management page to a full featured member plugin for various type of content page posting and sharing such as guides, resources, mini wiki, notes, full announcements etc..


Landing / Browse Pages

  • Categories listing with customizable descriptions
  • Recent posted pages, sticky pages block
  • Popular tags
  • Browse and search by category, tag, keyword, etc..
  • Customizable search fields for additional page questions
  • Different ordering options with pre-sorting configurable by admin

Page Details

  • Testing Field Wow .. This is awesome!!
Created by Vincent Van | Last updated December 12, 2016 | Posted in About - 8636 views #cms #page #editor #content #wysiwyg


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